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Win up to 30,000,000 with your Bank Alert

Get up to 500% percent cash back payout whenever you withdraw from any ATM in Nigeria.

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About Us

Africa’s Pioneer Fintech Bingo Game

NairaBoom is a proprietary licensed fintech bingo game that allows you to stake on any valid credit or debit bank alert you receive and win upto 30 million naira daily.
Nairaboom is available to anyone with a Bank Alert.

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How to Play


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Recieve a Credit or Debit Alert

Whenever you receive a credit or debit alert from your bank, click on Play Now to create or login into your Nairaboom profile


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Register Your Alert

Click "Boom My Alert" within your profile to register details of a valid credit or debit alert you received.


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Fund Your Wallet

Fund your wallet by clicklig on any of the available payment options to enable you pay


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Place Your stake

Place your stake for a chance to win back your alert


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Generate Your Ticket

Make a payment from your wallet to generate your ticket


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Check The Boom Time

Check the Boom Time on our website or any of our social media pages to see the daily winning time

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How To Win on Nairaboom

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Up to 500% Cashback on ATM withdrawals

Get up to 500% percent cash back payout whenever you withdraw from any ATM in Nigeria.

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Up to 100% Cashback on transfers and POS payments

Get back up to 100% Cashback of whatever local bank to bank transfer you make daily or any POS payment you make across Nigeria.

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Random Daily Giveaway

Get Random give away cash out just because you used the ATM, POS or made a transfer.

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Monthly Mega Millions Cashout

Get between 1 million to 5 million naira every month when you request for cashback for your ATM Withdrawals, POS Payments, Transfers or Mobile Money up to 10 times within a month.

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